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About Mac Radiators

About Mac Radiators

The more power an engine produces, the more heat is generated.
When the water temperature goes over 85° the engine starts loosing power. This is an important issue for a racing engine that has a short life and has to operate always at the maximum power available.

Here is where we come into play. Our role is to improve your cooling system by mounting an additional racing radiator that goes under the original one, or a full system radiator.

Mac Radiators was born 4 years ago from Mac's desire to address that  part of the racing radiators market that was neglected by the big companies, the track day enthusiast, weekend racer and small teams that cant waste 550-650 on a racing radiator. 
We offer the same products for much less, prices ranging from 350 to 450 shipped worldwide.

Our strongest point is the quality-price ratio for each item we manufacture. We are cheap compared to the top brands but our quality is great.

Every radiator we sell is hand made. All the components are brazed with Nocolok flux and then tig welded to ensure that the radiator will pass the test of time and stress encountered in a racing season.
Our products are present in many  national and international competitions, a few examples would be BSB, CIV, CEV and the famous IOM TT

  • Engine temperature went from 95°C to 80° after mounting the radiator. Takeshi Saimoto, Japan

  • . Joe Thompson, UK

  • Eccezionale!!!! Provato al Muggio con 30/33° e la moto girava tranquillamente attorno agli 83° Alessandro155 on daidegasforum, Italy Link alessandro155