Ducati Ducati

  • V4 R

    V4 R
    • V4 SBK Racing Radiator

      code: V4SBK
      V4  SBK Racing Radiator
      V4 R Official WSBK Racing radiator
      -oil lines
      -sensor connections water IN-Out
      -silicone hoses
      -oversize cooling core compared to official model
      2500.00 EUR
  • Panigale 1199 1299

    Panigale 1199 1299
    • Full WSBK radiator

      code: 1199big
      The best solution! Everything needed is included.
      1900.00 EUR
    • SBK KIT 2 radiators

      code: 1999all
      This is the best solutions, having both upper and lower big radiators we make.
      80-82°C on track in summer.
      1300.00 EUR
    • Superior water radiator

      code: 1199Wbig
      Superior water radiator
      -replaces the original water radiator
      -35mm core
      450.00 EUR
    • 1199 Oil+Water radiator

      code: 1199wo
      -replaces the original radiator with a big core oil + water radiator, much more effective
      -cnc thermostat removal
      -everything included in the package
      -15-20° cooler on track
      1000.00 EUR